The Plan

Healthier Together – St. Croix County is all about community – a unique health initiative recognizing that we are individuals first; living together in communities – each starting from different places. Through collaboration and community building we have listened, studied, and carefully followed a strategy, with the hopes of gaining your trust and commitment. The Plan represents the collective work of many dedicated individuals who have worked to find creative ways to improve health across the county.

This site has been developed to give you more insight and knowledge for understanding the importance to act now to develop and build a healthier, sustainable St. Croix County.

Healthier Together invites you to discover valuable resources throughout St. Croix County that have been identified to address broad community health concerns in order to have the greatest potential for improving community health and well-being! Find an area or topic of interest and ask yourself – how can I help?

Facilitated since 2008 by Hudson Hospital and Clinics and St. Croix County Public Health, organizations have been mobilized. Through continued dialogue, and with your help, we plan to move St. Croix County’s community health improvement process forward. Success requires TIME and PATIENCE – RESILENCY at its best!

Since 2010, Task Forces have been meeting to establish goals and objectives. Through this work, five health priorities have been identified, along with individual tactics that will help achieve specific goals. The health priorities include Access to Primary and Preventive Health Services, Overweight, Obesity, and Lack of Physical Activity, Adequate and Appropriate Nutrition, Alcohol and Other Substance Use and Addiction, and Tobacco Use and Exposure.